Announcing "Critical Distance" a photography blog by Mark Maio

Announcing "Critical Distance"

A photography blog by Mark Maio

                                          "Wall Street" © Mark Maio from the "Against the Grain" series

                                          "Wall Street" © Mark Maio from the "Against the Grain" series

After years of having friends and colleagues ask if/when or suggest that I should have a blog, I made it a goal to start one with the introduction of my personal photography website:

The blog title is “Critical Distance” which is the first commandment of acoustics. It is defined as the location from the sound source where sound and reverberant sound are equal.

In photography, I see critical distance as a similar process of balance. After making a photograph, I step back from my emotional connection to the image to a point where I can evaluate it based on the strength of whether it communicates what I felt.

"Critical Distance" will address a wide range of photography related topics that I find both interesting and worth sharing with friends and colleagues. It will not include reviews of equipment or software. There are so many resources for this the world does not need another one. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, as my goal is to stimulate a dialog that will help all of us become better photographers.

You are getting this first post because I have you as one of my personal contacts. With all the electronic information we get on a daily basis, my blog might just be adding to your "noise" so don't feel like I will be offended if you decided to unsubscribe.

Please share this with anyone you believe might want to add to the conversation.

Mark Maio